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The School of Arts and Social Sciences(SASS) was established in 2018

as the seventh school of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) with two departments, Entrepreneurship, and Business Sciences, and Languages and General Studies. The establishment of the School was a reaction to the University’s mission to develop “outreach programmes in Economics” as well as provide proficiency education in modern languages such as French, German, and Spanish to its students. The first batch of students for its foundational programme, BSc Resource Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, was enrolled in the 2014/2015 academic year as part of the School of Natural Resources. They were 94 in number, with 87 of them eventually graduating in 2018. With the inception of the School in 2018, the Department of Languages and General Studies became its second department with the mandate to provide African and Ghanaian Studies and basic French Language Studies to all students of the University. From its humble beginning of 94 students in 2014, the School presently has 1,353 students pursuing academic programmes in Entrepreneurship, Economics and French.

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